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by Christine Glaser

brilliance maxi

Dwarf with gigantic output

With a diameter of just 10 cm, an installed load of 20 W and up to 2,150 lumen, the new, swivelling brilliance maxi built-in LED floor spotlight from dot-spot offers a light output that is usually only achieved by significantly larger lamps. Focus is placed on the light effect - whereas the compact lamp is virtually invisible.


LED specialist dot-spot packs 2,150 lumen of light output into an LED spotlight with a diameter of only 10 cm. Despite its compact size, the brilliance maxi can effortlessly illuminate façades up to a height of 30 m. As a further development of the brilliance 10 W, the brilliance maxi is also equipped with the integrated, patented pivoting ball mechanism, and can additionally be installed under water. This not only enables the lamp unit to be swivelled easily, it also ensures optimal heat output to the housing. The specially anodised aluminium floor installation sleeve forms a thermal unit with the lamp, and optimally outputs the heat to the surrounding soil. The THERMOPROTECT system also prevents the LEDs from overheating in borderline situations.


The brilliance maxi is available in three shades of white with a beam angle of 10°, 20° and 35°. The separate dimming input ensures comfortable brightness regulation from 0-100%. Optionally, the lamp can also be supplied with integrated honeycomb anti-dazzle protection. Protection class IP 68 permits installation in practically all areas.


Whereas conventional built-in LED floor lamps in this output class are often just modified halogen or metal vapour lamps, the brilliance maxi from dot-spot has been developed specifically as a pure LED lamp. Its compact design also has a positive impact on the price of the lamp, and offers optimal heat dissipation despite the swivelling lamp body.


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