Innovations from light
Innovations - from LED idea to fascinating lamp

From idea to fascinating lamp

Quality, passion and responsibility are what drive us each and every day to constantly develop new LED solutions for you.

Overheating protection

THERMOPROTECT protects your LEDs against overheating

LEDs are very robust and durable. There is only one thing that they dislike - high temperatures. Our dot-spot lamps are therefore equipped with our internally developed THERMOPROTECT system as of an output of 3 watts.

If critical temperatures arise in the lamp (e.g. high solar radiation, blocked heat dissipation, etc.), the THERMOPROTECT electronics continuously reduce the power output. The LEDs do not overheat.

Driver electronics

Clever LED actuation

As an LED behaves completely differently to a classic bulb, corresponding driver electronics are required to actuate it efficiently. This is because it consists of a semiconductor chip rather than a filament. With their ingenious control technology, our integrated driver electronics ensure the LEDs' long service life with maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption. They enable direct operation with 12 V DC or 24V DC.

Pivoting ball mechanism

Patented pivoting ball mechanism

Our brilliance LED built-in spotlight is one of very few on the market that has been developed specifically for the requirements of LED technology.


It offers crucial advantages:

  • optimal heat dissipation despite a swivelling lamp body
  • extremely compact design with high light output

The heat that arises is optimally output to the spotlight housing thanks to the generously sized base of the spherical lamp body. The lamp body can be slewed very easily by releasing the pressure ring at the rear of the lamp and turning the lamp body.



Flexible beam angle

LED spotlights that grow with you.

We have it - a small object light with high output density and flexible beam angle. The clarios flex beam is the first LED garden spotlight that grows along with the plants. The beam angle can be adjusted from 10 – 45° by turning the front panel. This enables you to determine precisely how plants and objects are illuminated.

LED high-voltage technology

Just swap

Our high-voltage LED built-in spotlights and object lamps are connected directly to the mains. Like the low-voltage variants, the lamps require no external power supply unit as well as offering reduced housing dimensions. They can therefore be connected directly to the 230 V mains using an earthed safety plug.

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