Garden and building spots
Garden and Building Spots by dot-spot

Garden and building spots

The clarios series, unique in the world:

clarios combines an excellent design and state-of-the-art technology while considering a compact architecture. Fea-turing 15 W of LED power, an adjustable dispersion angle and up to 1550 lm with a diameter of only 65 mm the clarios fl ex beam may be the smallest LED garden spot with the highest output density. The clarios product family features the following spots:

The spotlights of the clarios product familiy are:

  • clarios-mini 12 V, 3 W
  • clarios eco 230 V, 6 W
  • clarios eco 24 V, 6/10 W
  • clarios flex beam 24 V, 10/15 W

Das haben alle clarios gemein:

  • Optiken für 10 - 40° Abstrahlwinkel, clarios flex beam mit einstellbarem Abstrahlwinkel von 10 - 45°
  • Gehäuse V4A Edelstahl
  • Maximale Gehäusetemperatur ca. 60°C
  • Exzellentes Thermomanagement mit Rippendesign; zusätzlich schützt die THERMOPROTECT–Elektronik die LED vor Überhitzung
  • Widerstandsfähige Anschlussleitung, mit separatem Dimm-Eingang, optional mit Marderschutz
  • Mit stabilem Montagebügel, Gehäuse dreh- und schwenkbar, optional mit Edelstahl Erdspieß und/oder Montageverlängerung
  • IP 68, 100%-ige Gehäuseabdichtung, auch unter Wasser einsetzbar
  • Mit effizienten Hochleistungs-LEDs, mit 10 und 15 W für bis zu 1150 lm
  • Gehärtetes Glas, 4 mm stark

Overheating protection

LEDs are extremely robust and durable, but there is one thing that LEDs can‘t stand up to, and that is high temperatures. Most dot-spot lights are thus additionally equipped with the THERMOPROTECT system. If critical temperatures occur in the light (e.g. due to direct sunlight, heat venting blocked etc.), the THERMOPROTECT electronics reduce the power to avoid the LED overheating.

Flexible beam angle

clarios flex beam, the first garden spot growing with your plants
The dispersion angle of the clarios flex beam can be set to 10 – 45 ° by turning the front panel.
This offers unique advantages: 1. exact setting of the dispersion angle directly at the object 2. adjustment of the dispersion angle for plant growth

dotspot Gartenstrahler clarios mini 12V 3W

clarios mini 12V 3W

dotspot Gartenstrahler clarios eco230 6W

clarios eco230 6W

dotspot Gartenstrahler clarios eco 24V 6W

clarios eco 24V 6W

dotspot Gartenstrahler clarios eco 24V 10W

clarios eco 24V 10W

dotspot Gartenstrahler clarios eco 24V 10W IP68

clarios eco 24V 10W IP68

dotspot Gartenstrahler clarios flex beam 24 V

clarios flex beam 24 V

dotspot Objektstrahler LED wallwasher lineo II

LED wallwasher lineo II

dotspot Baumgurt light belt

Baumgurt light belt


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