Accent light points
Accent Light Points by dot-spot

Accent light points

Never before has it been so easy to use flight flexibly and selectively.

The light points is a design element in indoor and outdoor areas as well as under water. Thanks to their simple elegance, dot-spot LED accent light points blend harmoniously into any environment: while they are almost invisible during the day, they set fascinating light accents at night. The accent light points in detail:

  • integrated electronic driver unit secures the rated service life of the LED, direct operation with 12 V DC
  • stainless steel 316 L housing made of thoroughly fi nished machined parts; salt water and stone salt resistant
  • Operation at ¾ of the rated current for extended service life of the LED
  • photostaining-free front glass
  • permanently flexible, special casting compound; connection line cast into the lamp to ensure durable impermeability, IP 68
  • stainless steel fastening clamp for easy and reliable fitting
  • heavy-duty, microbe-resistant polyurethane connection cable for outdoors installation, or extremely flat twin-cord cable for indoors
dotspot Akzentlichtpunkt dot-spot 8mm

dot-spot ø8mm

dotspot Akzentlichtpunkt mini-disc 14mm

mini-disc ø14mm

dotspot Akzentlichtpunkt quad-dot 14mm

mini-disc 14mm

dotspot Akzentlichtpunkt disc-dot 20mm

disc-dot ø20mm

dotspot Akzentlichtpunkt quad-dot45

quad -dot 45

dotspot Akzentlichtpunkt frog-dot


dotspot Akzentlichtpunkt Swarovski


starry sky
dotspot Akzentlichtpunkt Sternenhimmel

starlight fiber-optic


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